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How We Nailed Mike Tyson's Voice To Create Massive Engagement & Recurring Revenue With Email


We helped Mike Tyson's IM-21 brand generate $500k+ in revenue through email, engineering multiple sold-out new product drops

The Brand

IM-21 is a mens' health and performance brand co-created by the champ himself, Mike Tyson.

After completing an incredible turnaround of his own physique - losing more than 150 pounds and returning to the boxing ring - Mike wanted to make his supplement regimen available to everyone for a competitive price.

IM-21's two primary products are a day & night protocol called Build & Burn, and a natural testosterone booster called Dynamite.

The Challenge

100 Celsius was hired by the IM-21 team while they were in their pre-launch stage.

While Mike has a huge following on social media, that following was notorious for not translating into successful physical product customers in the past.

The co-owners of this brand brought 100 Celsius in to strategize and develop the customer engagement strategy for the brand, as well as develop and execute their email marketing program - both automations and campaigns.

It was critical that we executed their email marketing in a way that was congruent with Mike’s personality and voice, while also ensuring the brand was not overly reliant on Mike himself to generate sales.

Top goals included:

1. Build an engaged email list prior to launch that would convert into paying customers

2. Drive consistent product sales with an on-brand email approach that captured the essence of Mike's vibe, without relying on him as the sole voice.3.

3. Navigate integrating Klaviyo with multiple custom-build ecommerce storefronts and funnels (non-Shopify)

What We Did

Our first step in working with this brand was to do a systematic analysis of Mike’s audience and their products. From there, we developed a step-by-step roadmap for rolling out a best-in-breed email & SMS marketing program.

Some of the key action items that we recommended and implemented for them include:

- Developing a suite of automations designed to onboard new customers and encourage replenishment

- Creating two recurring weekly content pieces (one from Mike, one from the team) that serve as engagement and motivation to the audience

- Creating a “world” featuring several key people in the office at Team Tyson, allowing us to send both personality driven and offer-focused emails from different personas without degrading brand equity

- Creating powerful UGC and testimonial-generating automations that allowed us to collect hundreds of written testimonials

All of this had to be done in a very thoughtful and technical manner, as the brand was built on a custom ecommerce site with completely custom integrations throughout.


Even though the brand is relatively new and the majority of revenue comes from a direct-response style front-end funnel, we’ve been able to generate approximately 16%+ of their total revenue through email marketing since launching.

We’ve also helped them execute an incredibly successful launch of their second hero product, selling out almost exclusively through email within 48 hours.

Best of all, we’ve created massive engagement with the IM-21 audience, sourcing hundreds of amazing testimonials and reviews about their products every single month.

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