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How We Increased Email Campaign Revenue 35% For Natural Dog Company


We took over Natural Dog Company's broadcast email & SMS campaigns - increasing revenue from email by 35% and growing their engaged sending segment by roughly 60,000 profiles.

The Brand

Natural Dog Company is a well-known, mid-8-figure brand that sells incredible supplements, balm, food additives, and chews for dogs. They are very successful not only with their Shopify storefront, but also through Amazon and other wholesale channels like Chewy, Tractor Supply, and more.

The Challenge

Their executive team needed to make some changes to their organization and bring in a fresh perspective in light of changing economic conditions. After interviewing many email marketing agencies, they decided to hire 100 Celsius to take over their broadcast campaigns for both email & SMS.

Some of the initial priorities included:

👉 Driving more incremental revenue from broadcast email campaigns (without annoying their subscribers).

👉 Leveling up the copywriting and design on emails.

👉 Increasing their repeat purchase rate and active subscribers.

👉 Maximizing SMS as a revenue channel in a thoughtful way.

What We Did

Even though their turnaround and onboarding timeframe was fast, our first step in working with Natural Dog Company was conducting an extensive audit of their existing marketing and customer journey, and putting together a step-by-step roadmap for their email & SMS marketing program.

Some of our key action items that we recommended and implemented include:

✅ Drastically simplifying their suite of automations down from approximately 30 to about 12, cleaning up conflicting triggers, filters, settings, and faulty “personalization” in the process

✅ Fleshing out SMS automations in PostScript, ensuring that they are cohesive and coordinated with email automations in Klaviyo

✅ Developing a new segmentation framework that allowed us to increase campaigns sending frequency by about 30% and expand our engaged segments without tanking deliverability

✅ Creating a recurring “Anchor Campaign” that serves as a catch all engagement opportunity for subscribers


Within just 3 months, we were able to achieve significant improvements for Natural Dog Company, including:

  • Increasing revenue from email by 35% compared to the previous 3 months
  • Optimized their segmentation framework to add 60,000 people to their “180 Engaged” segment in Klaviyo
  • Increasing sending frequency of SMS campaigns from 1 send to 2 sends per week in a thoughtful, educational way

Moreover, we were able to rapidly onboard within just 2 weeks and nail their voice and brand guidelines immediately with minimal revisions, ensuring that they didn’t miss a beat on email or SMS during the transition.

Customer Feedback

"Our experience working with 100 Celsius was that they're fast, and not only are they fast, but they're very high quality. Typically you don't get both of those outputs when working with an agency. There was no cookie-cutter approach; everything was very, very individualized for our business. I would 100% recommend working with 100 Celsius."

Cody Neer

VP, Marketing

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