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How We Helped Tommy Chong's CBD Generate 2,000+ New Customer Testimonials With Email


We helped this celebrity-led brand develop a system of automations that 5-10x'd their monthly customer testimonials. We also increased email revenue 143% Year-over-year

The Brand

Tommy Chong's CBD is an amazing brand and name in the CBD space - with a fantastic, differentiated suite of products and an extremely loyal customer-base (aka, the Cousins).

The Challenge

The owners of the brand came to us after a period of massive growth via paid advertising, mostly via direct-response native ads and long-form sales letters.

Before coming to 100 Celsius, they were sending regular broadcast email campaigns, but did not have any automations built out in Klaviyo, and were not growing their list.

While they were making good money with email, they were looking for a partner who could help them with the technical aspects of email marketing, specifically around automations, deliverability, and segmentation. They were also in need of assistance in campaign planning and customer engagement strategy.

The owners decided to hire 100 Celsius because of our deep technical expertise with email & ecommerce combined with our commitment to cultivating the already-strong relationships between their customers and the brand.

What We Did

Our first step in working with Tommy Chong's CBD was conducting an extensive audit of their existing marketing and customer journey, and putting together a step-by-step roadmap for their email marketing program.

Some of our key action items that we recommended and them implemented include:

✅ Fleshing out their new customer onboarding flows to better-educate customers on proper usage of the products during the first month.

✅ Layering in “Calls To Conversation” (aka, invitations to reply to emails) in key post-purchase, welcome, and abandonment automations in order to generate insights and automatic customer testimonials.

✅ Creating a robust suite of replenishment email automations to encourage reorders, personalized based on the initial front-end package purchased.

✅ Executing a regular cadence of “Call and Response” style interactive promotional campaigns that use customer responses to drive massive engagement and revenue.

✅ Maintaining the long-form, narrative-based email style they were already using, while layering in designed elements for specific products and campaigns.

✅ Layering in CTAs to engage in their “Tommy’s Family” Facebook Group, as well as creating unique experiences and offers for the Cousins on the inside.

We also assisted them with their customer segmentation, technical integrations between multiple ecommerce platforms and funnels, and setting up custom API-driven events in Klaviyo.


Before coming to 100 Celsius, this brand was already a fantastic company with customers that loved them and their products. Working with us only accelerated that.

Due to the strategic post-purchase automations we set up, we were able to exponentially increase the amount of customer testimonials they receive on a monthly basis (several hundred per month). (In fact, one single automated email we set up has generated more than 1,100 new high-quality, written testimonials from customers alone!)

We helped them facilitate such an engaged, responsive list that when we emailed and asked customers one time “what’s your favorite thing about being on our email list”...

We had more than 700 people respond back and let us know!

We also helped them cross-engage their email subscribers in their Facebook Group, where customers talked up their products, answered each other’s questions, and made our sales go viral.

Naturally, accelerating their customer engagement via email had a massive impact on their revenue and important business metrics.

In the first 12 months of working together, we helped them generate more than $2,500,000 in revenue from email alone (up 143% from the previous year).

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