Gains In Bulk
Creating A World-Class Subscriber Conversion, Retention, And CX Suite
We helped Gains In Bulk create a coordinated suite of email, SMS, on-site, and direct mail experiences that significantly increased active MRR growth.
Revenue Profile
The Brand
Gains In Bulk is a high-growth health and performance brand that creates some of the best supplements in the market. Their best-selling product is their Instantized Creatine - the world's first 100% soluble creatine monohydrate.
The Project
The Gains team engaged 100 Celsius to help them double down on their MRR growth. Several month's previously, they had begun aggressively investing into growing their subscription program for Instantized Creatine.
However they lacked the back-end infrastructure to properly convert, onboard, and retain subscribers. They were also dealing with elevated subscriber churn that was putting a mathematical cap on their MRR growth.
After taking them through our MRR Growth Audit and Roadmap, they engaged us to them install a full suite of subscription-focused experiences across email, SMS, direct mail, and their subscription app Skio designed to better convert and retain their autoship base.
I'm not easily sold by agencies at this point… I have worked with so many and heard all the claims. Bryan and his team are killers. One of the most impressive agency teams I have ever worked with! The audit alone was CRAZY value.
Braven Grant
CEO, Gains In Bulk
New Subscriber Onboarding Experiences
If you want to grow consistently keep subscribers for more than 1-2 renewals, you need to invest in your new customer onboarding and education experience.
We created new email and SMS automations to better education and onboard subscribers, create personal connection and conversations with the coaches, and give customers all of the information they need to get success with Instantized Creatine.
Surprise & Delight Renewal Interventions
One of the most effective ways to keep subscribers, subscribed is by combining the power of (a) surprise and delight with (b) loss aversion. Gain's subscription app Skio allows you to automate surprise and delight gifts/discounts/moments natively via their platform.
We targeted several specific renewals on their Creatine subscription, and replaced the normal billing reminder notifications with emails saying "You've got a free gift coming!". This contributed to a meaningful drop in churn.
Single-Buyer Replenishment Automations via PostPilot &
Let's face it, not everyone is going to subscribe right out of the gate. For those people, it's extremely important that you proactively attempt to bring them back for a second order.
From there, you can upsell into subscriptions. We worked with PostPilot and to create an effective suite of replenishment automations designed to help Gains turn 1 timers into repeats.
CX & Subscriber Milestone Moments
We created a number of CX and milestone automations designed to create a magic moments for customers, including a "Coach Accountability Series" and a 100 Day Milestone experience.
Transactional & Shipping Notification Rebrand
Creating a full suite of branded, optimized subscription management, shipping, and billing notifications is one of the top ways to improve your subscriber experience and reduce voluntary churn.
It can seem counter-intuitive, but increasing transparency and communication around billing and subscription management has been shown time and time again to increase subscriber LTV.
We worked with Wonderment and Skio to rebrand and optimize Gains In Bulk's transactional notifications, as well as drive upsells and additional product discovery on branded tracking and account pages.
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