Natural Dog Company
Grew Subscription Revenue By 32% In Less Than 90 Days
We helped Natural Dog Company build out a suite of email, SMS, and direct mail experiences that drove a 32% subscription MRR increase in less than 90 days.
Revenue Profile
The Brand
Natural Dog Company is a high-growth, omnichannel brand that provides natural solutions and supplements for common canine conditions such as hot spots, allergies, paw irritations, infected skin folds, achy joints, and more.
The Project
The NDC team engaged 100 Celsius to develop a more effective CRM marketing and MRR growth strategy, including email in Klaviyo, SMS via PostScript, and direct mail via PostPilot.
They also needed help evaluating their current subscription application and strategy. Some top goals were to increase customer LTV to combat rising CAC, generate more active autoship subscribers, and create a more cohesive customer experience across channels.‍
"Our experience working with 100 Celsius was that they're fast, and not only are they fast, but they're very high quality. Typically you don't get both of those outputs when working with an agency.

There was no cookie-cutter approach; everything was very, very individualized for our business. I would 100% recommend working with 100 Celsius."
Cody Neer
VP, Marketing
Skio Migration & Subscription Growth Automations
We helped NDC migrate to Skio and optimize their app settings to improve the subscriber experience, drive cross-sells, and reduce churn.
And we created a full suite of email, SMS, and direct mail automations that helped them increase their active subscriber MRR by 32% in less than 90 days.
Updated Klaviyo Flows
We redeveloped a number of NDC's Klaviyo flows with updated branding, and created new automations to drive replenishment, recover abandoned shopping sessions, and improve the customer onboarding experience.
We also partnered with additional integrated softwares like Wonderment and Repeat.
New Broadcast Campaign Strategy & Anchor Campaign
We helped the NDC team develop a new email & SMS campaign calendar that worked in new product launches, regular sales, and content - along with a brand-new Anchor Newsletter concept, Dogeared.
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