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We help Shopify brands build world-class customer retention and subscription strategies that increase profits, MRR, and enterprise value.

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Your Shopify Retention & Subscription Growth Partner

At 100 Celsius, we help brands like yours blast through subscriber growth plateaus, drive more repeat orders, cut down churn, spark viral growth, and craft experiences that customers can't stop talking about.

We're experts at helping ecommerce brands
Number one

Optimize subscriber acquisition offers and journeys

Number two

Install high-converting activation, onboarding, LTV, and transactional moments through email, SMS, and direct mail

Number Three

Reduce subscriber & customer churn

Number one

Collect and leverage zero-party data to inform creative and CRO

Number two

Develop recurring subscriber-focused giveaways and campaigns

Number Three

Engineer "surprise and delight moments" for customers & subscribers

Cody Neer

VP Marketing, Natural Dog Company

"Not only are they fast, but they're very high quality. There was no cookie-cutter approach; everything was very, very individualized for our business. I would 100% recommend working with 100 Celsius."

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Derek Wilson

Director of Digital Sales, Aletha Health

"100 Celsius went so far beyond anything I expected. From the very first meeting, they were already educated on our company, our voice, and our brand. Literally every retention metric we can measure has gone up since bringing them on."

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Mark Smith

Director of Marketing, Wipertech

These guys knocked it out of the park...coming with way more than just an acquisition or retention strategy email and SMS strategy. They delved deep into customer insights and created a new "anchor" campaign we hadn't thought of. WAY more than we were expecting."

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Joe Van

Founder, Out Of Regz

"100 Celsius exceeded all of our expectations when it came to our email and SMS marketing. The organization and thoroughness they bring to the table are unmatched - it was like I had an entire dedicated marketing department at my fingertips."

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Braven Grant

CEO, Gains In Bulk

"Im not easily sold by agencies at this point… I have worked with so many and heard all the claims. Bryan and his team are killers. One of the most impressive agency teams I have ever worked with! The audit alone was CRAZY value"

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Our Process

Explode your recurring revenue
In 100 days

The Intro Call

We'll discuss your brand's unique challenges and goals with subscriptions and customer retention. We'll share more about our process. Even if you decide not to work with us, we want you to walk away with at least a couple of ideas to test right away.

Step 1

The Roadmap

Our flagship 2-3 week consulting sprint. You get a 100% custom growth plan for your brand that leverages all CRM channels, your subscription app's features, and website to skyrocket your recurring revenue.

Starts at $4,800

Step 2

Roadmap Implementation Sprint

Typically structured as a 100-Day Sprint, we'll help you implement your custom Roadmap and create a world-class subscriber growth, retention, and engagement system for your business.

Pricing variable depending on scope

Step 3

Ongoing Support & Optimization

We're your retention growth partners, helping you experiment, test new offers/funnels, surface insights, and create automations and campaigns that drive growth and reduce churn.

Pricing variable depending on scope

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